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The Sommelier is in!

June 7, 2018

Inn by the Sea's wine whisperer demystifies wine & offers Select varieties by the glass

Wine whisperer Donald Linscott is at home in the intimate Sea Glass lounge or al fresco deck at Inn by the Sea where he is both Sommelier and caretaker of the Inn's deep and varied cellar. Not only does Linscott de mystify the many labels offered at the Inn, he is more than happy to suggest a wine pairing for Chef Chadwick's menu selections in Sea Glass restaurant.

"Love of food, wine and people are the requirements for the job", says Linscott who enthusiastically helps guests meander through the oceanfront hotel's extensive list, adding history, taste notes and color to his handpicked wine menu.

Linscott is especially excited about the ability to offer a wide variety of Select wines by the glass. With Coravin technology we can access a single pour from a bottle without pulling the cork so there is no oxidation and the first glass will taste just as great as the last, even years later. This allows a 3 or 5 ounce pour for a broad selection of very exclusive, sought after wines.

Myths debunked: The standby to drink white wine with seafood and red wine with meat is long gone, according to Linscott. What pairs well depends on menu prep and consumer's taste. Linscott thinks you should complement the food, but drink what you love. His tip: try a wine from the same region as the food- if it grows together, it goes together.

Old wine is better. Rarely is that true says Linscott. The vast majority of wine can be enjoyed right away, and should be consumed within 5 years. Some Select wines are delicious after aging for decades but are rare and expensive!

Live outside your comfort zone: Linscott suggests you use his knowledge to try something new. Sommeliers spend thousands of hours studying and tasting. Out of the 72 wine growing countries, 65 of them grow Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet. With over 300 labels the Inn's cellar has traditional wines, but also a large number of "adventurous" wines, rarely found on the average wine list. Linscott would love to share his expertise- so come have a chat with the Sommelier and try something new!

With over 2500 bottles and 300 labels the Inn's wine cove earned the coveted Wine Spectator's Best of the Award of Excellence. Sea Glass Fireplace Lounge & al fresco deck is open to the public, every day, all year, at Inn by the Sea, 40 Bowery Beach Rd., Cape Elizabeth. 207.799.3134.