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Sizzling 2018 Culinary Trends

May 4, 2018

Sizzling 2018 Culinary Trends in 2018- What's Hot!

Chef Chadwick taps into current restaurant trends on his spring Sea Glass menu

EATER's 2018 list of emerging culinary trends and the National Restaurant Association's Hot List offer a tasty preview of menu items foodies will be raving about all year long-including new restaurant concepts and re-imagined favorites. "Chefs strive to strike the right balance between offering consumers what they want to eat now and guiding them toward new and exciting culinary frontiers," said American Culinary Association, President Stafford T. DeCambra

Chef Chadwick has the hottest trends covered on his new spring menu in Sea Glass at Inn by the Sea, as well as a smattering of enhancements for more traditional fare.

Hyper local & Heritage-breed meats:

Chefs are rediscovering the breeds that produce the most flavorful meats with the resurgence of interest in Heritage breeds, according to the Director for The Livestock Conservancy, A. Martin.

Chef Chadwick sources menus locally, and his Hanger Steak from Maine's Archer Farm with Beef suet pudding, herbs, onion-tart and house made smoked shallot aioli deliciously taps both trends, as does the Chef's Seared Pork Chop from Buck's Farm served with toasted buckwheat, dill, carrot textures & crushed Aleppo citrus.

House made Condiments:

Ketchup and mustard should no longer be our go-to condiments according to GrubHub! Chef Chadwick creates his own, unique condiments to spice things up- try the Chef's BLT with house made bacon aioli, fried green tomatoes, & apple smoked bacon for a new taste for an old favorite at lunch. The Sea Glass Burger, perfect anytime, has house made bacon jam and french onion spread, paired with swiss cheese and half sour pickles on a toasted brioche bun.

Underutilized, sustainable seafood:

Fresh, delicious and sustainable! Chef Chadwick's smoked Mackerel Pate, with celery parsley salad, trout roe & grilled bread as well as his local Roasted Pollock sandwich with pancetta, ratatouille nicoise, pickled shallot, chickpea, and basil are delectable, fresh from the Gulf of Maine, and selected as underutilized sea food by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute.

Adjacent Wine bars:

Sea Glass restaurant and lounge have a deep, award winning wine cellar- tap into their long list of prized vintages and uncommon varieties by the glass. With Coravin technology the Sea Glass Sommelier can offer a pour of wine you've only dreamed of tasting to create that perfect pairing for Chef Chadwick's new spring menu.

Sea Glass restaurant at Inn by the Sea is open daily with seasonal menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner all year, at 40 Bowery Beach Road, Cape Elizabeth. Reservations: 207. 799. 3134.