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July 28, 2020

While there are plenty of fish in the sea only a select few can rise to the level of quality and freshness of Sashimi grade seafood according to Sea Glass Chef Andrew Chadwick

Sea Change! Restaurants or chefs wishing to offer Sashimi grade fish had to import their seafood--until now. Operating on a dock off Commercial Street in Portland, Gulf of Maine Sashimi has changed all that. Working with regional fishermen who have been trained in Japanese ike jime practices, the flavor and texture of the seafood is preserved from the moment the fish is taken out of the water through processing. Gulf of Maine Sashimi has been supplying local restaurants with the highest quality seafood on the market for the last year.

Access to Sashimi quality fish is a game changer according to Andrew Chadwick, Executive Chef at Sea Glass Restaurant at Inn by the Sea. “Being located on the coast, I am thrilled to be able to bring this superior local seafood to our menus. The seasonal catch allows us to create menus around a rich diversity of textures and flavor profiles- some light and buttery, others with stronger flavors that work well with spices and a variety of ingredients. The texture and flavor of these fish is outstanding.”

For Chadwick and an increasing number of Chefs, the term Sashimi now signifies very high- quality seafood and does not necessarily refer to traditional Japanese raw fish preparation. Chadwick enjoys preparing the seafood in a multitude of ways, including pickling, baking, searing and poaching abundant Gulf of Maine species like Atlantic Cod, Acadian Redfish, White Hake Squid, Atlantic Mackerel, and Monkfish tails.

Fishermen in New England have been struggling due to offshore competition and imposed reductions in allowable catch. By building markets for Sashimi quality seafood regional fishermen benefit from the higher prices. Gulf of Maine Sashimi is heavily focused on environmental stewardship and focuses on species that are local and abundant.

“Apart from truly loving the high quality and diversity of these wild fish, I am thrilled to have Gulf of Maine Sashimi as a supplier who is focused on both environmental responsibility and support for our local fishing community,” says Chadwick.

Ocean view Sea Glass Restaurant at Inn by the Sea is open to the public for breakfast, lunch dinner, small plates and cocktails daily. Located at Crescent Beach at 40 Bowery Beach Road in Cape Elizabeth. 207.799.3134 reservations recommended.