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Post Holiday Wellness tips - that are easy!


Post-Holiday, Wellness tips- that are easy to do!

Start the New Year on the right foot.  Here are my personal tips to do just that- easily!

Hydrate – Simply by drinking water you  help flush out toxins  that may have settled in your body. Drinking water also helps with bloating. Sometimes  when people feel hungry they are actually just  thirsty and drinking allows you to skip snacking.  Add watermelon, cucumber, citrus or mint for added detoxifying benefits and a kick of flavor.

Get your sweat on – In addition to drinking more water sweating also helps  the detoxifying process. When you sweat your body releases toxins such as salt, alcohol and cholesterol.  And sweating  increases  pumping endorphins through your body  keeping you happier and  those holiday ‘ warm & fuzzies’  alive a little longer.

Eat a little healthier at each meal – Add spinach to your sandwich at lunch, skip the cheese on your burger for dinner, use ½ a teaspoon less  sugar in your coffee, etc. All of these small things make an impact when added up,  and are hardly missed so you may  able to stick with this  program  longer than a crash diet.

Sleep – Not only does sleep feel amazing and help you relax, recover, and make you more alert & energetic but adequate sleep  also helps regulate your hunger hormones making it easier to pick better dietary  choices.

Meditate – Doesn’t need to be while chanting Ohms, but take 5 minutes every day to breathe, clear your mind of  stress and focus on positive things.

Avoid Caffeine – If you are anything like me you may have over indulged over the holidays and your body needs the break, even if just for a little bit. This includes caffeine from teas and chocolate; heart breaking, I know.

Pamper yourself – The holidays can be very stressful. Now that you are done taking care of everyone  else,  it’s time to take care of yourself.  Mix up  your everyday routine and treat yourself to something  you enjoy and  is good for you. Take a long soak in the tub, get a massage, take a yoga class, buy that new shade of lipstick or  just relax with a great book.

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