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Foodie Trends 2021

October 27, 2020

Foodie Trends

In the era of COVID some food trends suddenly vanished while others were catapulted into the forefront. Sea Glass Chef Chadwick at Inn by the Sea offers his take on what’s here to stay and what will go.

To go meals- it’s not just pizza anymore!

Gourmet, chef made and ready to eat or heat, high quality to go meals are pushing the envelope on new culinary experiences to enjoy at home. “This alternative catering concept is here to stay,” says Chef Chadwick. “People are adapting to ready to eat, high quality meals being delivered to their doors. Just as ‘eating out’ for a variety of culinary experiences was mainstream before COVID, now “eating in” with epicurean food delivery has become part of everyday food culture and is probably here to stay.”

While the seasonally changing Sea Glass menu is always available for pick up, Chef Chadwick will also be creating both Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners to go. Offering safety and saving people from the hassle of shopping and prepping, his chef made, ready to reheat traditional gourmet meals take the stress out of the holidays.

“More people are working from home- lunch or dinner times are now up to the whim of the consumer and no longer dictated by an office schedule. Having the ability to order a restaurant quality meal at almost any hour fits the new reality,” says Chadwick.

Vegan, vegetarian and wellness

Focus on wellness and health are driving food trends in this unusual time. Diners are looking for natural, plant based or meat alternatives. Meatless Monday means a special plant based dinner will be offered in Sea Glass restaurant. The most popular item on Chef Chadwick’s new fall menu is Tempura Cauliflower Steak. Cauliflower has been the go-to vegetable for a while, and it only continues to grow in popularity. It is the ultimate carb replacement and loved by chefs as the perfect receptacle for a variety of tastes.

“Cauliflower easily takes on intriguing combinations of flavors and fusions and is a delectable and satisfying option for meatless Monday or Vegan Tuesday,” says Chadwick.

The Chef’s Tempura Cauliflower is first steamed for tenderness, then is gently crisped when Tempura fried. The Chef blends sweet and sour in a perfect mix of taste with everything crunch, a coconut sweet potato puree and glazed Brussel sprouts.

Sustainability and seafood

Growing concern over climate change, wellness and sustainability are all front and center during the age of COVID. Eating seafood for pescatarians is a vote for health, the environment and sustainability. Chef Chadwick is thrilled to work Gulf of Maine Sashimi to offer the highest quality, sustainable and locally harvested seafood available.

Local fishermen have been struggling due to offshore competition and management reductions in allowable catch. Restaurants or chefs previously wishing to offer Sashimi grade fish had to import seafood. Now Portland’s Gulf of Maine Sashimi has is working with regional fishermen who have been trained in Japanese ike jime practices to change that. The flavor and texture of their seafood is preserved from the moment the fish is taken out of the water through processing. Gulf of Maine Sashimi is heavily focused on environmental stewardship and focuses on species that are local and abundant.

“Sashimi now refers to very high-quality seafood and does not necessarily refer to raw fish,” says Chadwick. “The texture and flavor of these locally caught fish is exceptional and I am thrilled to be able to bring this superior quality seafood to our menus while supporting local fishermen.”

Wednesday Ramen Bowl specials often feature fresh Gulf of Maine seafood in Sea Glass.

Ocean view Sea Glass restaurant at Inn by the Sea is open to the public 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch, cocktails and dinner at 40 Bowery Beach Road in Cape Elizabeth. Reservations 207.799.3134

About Inn by the Sea:

An idyllic oceanfront escape, located on a mile of unspoiled sand beach, just 7 miles from Portland, Inn by the Sea is Maine's premier beach destination offering elegant hospitality in 61 upscale rooms and suites, with full- service SPA, cardio room, heated pool and captivating cuisine served in ocean view Sea Glass restaurant. Children and dogs are warmly welcomed to this Preferred LVX® member and Virtuoso® property.

FMI and images: Rauni Kew, PR & Green Program Manager | Inn by the Sea | 40 Bowery Beach Road | Cape Elizabeth | Maine, 04107. | M: 207.602.8500 | | 207.799.3134. Instagram @innbythesea.maine