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Elegant Vegan Cuisine for Plant Lovers

February 13, 2019

A small, stylish Inn on the coast of Maine offers elegant vegan options daily, perfect for those who love plant based cuisine.

Inn by the Sea, an intimate, upscale beach resort in Maine is somewhat of a novelty to the boutique hotel industry. The Inn's small in-house restaurant, Sea Glass, serves up a different, artfully crafted, vegan option, every single evening, perfect for those who love plant based cuisine. The Chef's meticulously conceptualized and beautifully plated vegan dishes are just as popular with guests as are his fresh Maine seafood or Saturday night Prime Rib entrees.

It is unusual for such a small hotel, which has to cater to guests of all ages and tastes, to craft a unique plant-based meal every night, says Executive Chef Andrew Chadwick. We started offering daily vegan options for personal reasons, and it caught on! Inn by the Sea's owner has been vegan for decades and was frustrated with the uninspired menus he continually encountered at most hotels. After Chef Chadwick decided to forgo meat-eggs and dairy for health a year ago, he took on the challenge of generating an artful, delectable and meatless Chef d'oeuvre daily.

At the Inn's 42-seat, ocean view restaurant, which also serves as a friendly neighborhood eatery, the Chef's team has risen above the ubiquitous steamed vegetable after thought typical to hotel menus. Instead, traditional fare is reimagined into dairy free-meatless wonders, so delicious even carnivores find the entrees delicious. The Mushroom Bolognese made with mushroom ragu, bucatini, basil oil w toasted crumbs and a balsamic reduction is every bit as rich as its meat counter part.

Using a global spice palette, the Chef extracts complex flavors from vegetables, legumes, grains and seeds. Classic dishes are given a fresh, plant makeover or guests are presented with something completely original -but always delectable.

There are a multitude of reasons guests choose to eat plant-based meals- ethics, health, animal rights, climate change. Vegans have been around for centuries, but I believe this trend is main stream because we finally understand animal free meals can be indulgent!†says Chadwick.

According to Nielson research, 34% of Americans plan to add plant-based alternatives to their diet this year, which is way beyond the number of people identifying as vegan or vegetarian. Sales of same grew by 17% last year compared to only 2% growth for the food industry, implying waning American enthusiasm around animal products.

It isn't that people are giving up on meat," says Chadwick. "Many are just adding dairy and meat free meals to their weekly diet. Chefs had meat in the center on the plate for decades and vegetables were an afterthought. Now we've moved vegetables to center stage and done so without compromising flavor.

Ocean view Sea Glass restaurant at Maine's luxurious Inn by the Sea is open 7 days a week, year around for breakfast, lunch, dinner & Sunday Brunch. Located just 7 miles south of Portland on sandy Crescent Beach, at 40 Bowery Beach Road, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107. 207.799.3134